Tankless Hot Water Heaters

At Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer, install, and repair both Tankless and Standard Water Heaters in and around our headquarters in Toms River, NJ. As with our furnaces and boilers, our water heaters are also available in various styles, efficiency levels, and brands—one of which includes Navien.

tankless water heaters toms river njA Tankless Water Heater is usually wall mounted, requires less space, and is much higher in efficiency than standard types. The tankless unit also uses a PVC flue pipe, and it can be installed where a standard chimney is either not available, or not practical. The tankless water heater also only makes hot water when a faucet is opened, and stops when the faucet is closed, thus adding to the efficiency and overall operating costs. Choose this unit for your Toms River, NJ home, and you will have to make fewer repairs, and, best of all, you won’t be shopping for a replacement Navien unit until several years down the road!

A Direct Vent water heater is similar to a standard water heater in configuration. The main differences are that a direct vent heater uses an inducer motor to boost the removal of exhaust gas and can be vented with PVC pipe. The inducer motor also helps to increase the efficiency of the unit, and the PVC flue makes the installation of a water heater possible where a standard chimney is either not available or not practical. Direct vent heaters are slightly higher in efficiency over standard water heaters, but are significantly less efficient then tankless water heaters. Once again, if you choose this unit for your Toms River, NJ home, you will find yourself making fewer repairs, and you won’t be shopping for a replacement for many years.

Tankless Replacement

In the order of cost of operation, natural gas and propane water heaters are less expensive to operate then electric or oil units of the same size. Tankless water heaters offer the highest efficiency and are the least expensive to operate while offering an almost endless supply of hot water. What’s more, a replacement unit will be needed a lot less often.

Navien Repair

navien repair toms river njVarious factors go into determining the style and type of water heater that will best match the needs of your Toms River, NJ home, such as number of occupants, utilities available, and space available. You might even prefer a different brand than Navien. A Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning expert can help you to determine the type of water heater that best suits your needs and budget, and can even provide you with an estimate on one our boilers for your Toms River, NJ home.

Call us today for more information about our Navien brand units, or our replacement and repair services. Also, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to receive a furnace estimate for your home in Toms River, NJ.