4 Top Benefits of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

As a responsible homeowner, it’s important that you take care of the different appliances around your NJ home. When it comes to the heating and cooling systems that keep your home comfortable year-round, it helps to know a reliable HVAC contractor near Toms River and Brick, NJ, who can provide regular HVAC preventative maintenance. Here at Care Temp, we recommend that customers have our technicians perform HVAC preventative maintenance twice a year. Once before the start of the heating season, and once before the cooling season.   

There are several great benefits to having this type of service done, and below, we’ve listed four of the top ones. Check them out!


  • Stop Problems in Their Tracks. By scheduling HVAC preventative maintenance twice a year, you can avoid unnecessary repairs as our technicians can locate problems before they start. This allows you to cut back on the number of time you have to call for repair service, and it also saves you money.



  • Conserve Energy. Over time and with constant use, there are a multitude of different issues that could cause your heating and cooling systems to not perform efficiently. When a technician from our company comes to your home, they will ensure all aspects of your unit are running up to speed and as efficiently as possible.



  • Increased Life Expectancy of Unit.  A great benefit you’ll enjoy thanks to regular HVAC preventative maintenance is an increased life expectancy of your unit. Your heating and cooling units are no different than your car, as they both need tune-ups to make sure they are in good shape for years to come.



  • Protect Your Home. Many homeowners across South Jersey have gas furnaces. This means that there is the possible threat that carbon monoxide could get into the air your family is breathing. During preventative maintenance, our trained technicians can locate any potential safety risks such as a broken heat exchanger.


Before you end up needing air conditioning repair service at your home in Toms River or Brick, NJ, be sure to call the professionals at Care Temp and schedule routine HVAC preventative maintenance appointments. We proudly serve residents in Ocean, Monmouth, and Middlesex County, NJ, and new customers can take advantage of our free heat contacts and our end of the season specials on air conditioning systems!


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