Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning Encourages Home Energy Audits

Due to the recent snow storms hitting the east coast, particularly New Jersey many residents are begging for summer already. Businesses closed down, while hundreds of residents spent hours digging out their car covered in a foot of snow. Motorists, who had to travel to work, skidded and crashed on icy roads, dreaming of temperatures rising over freezing temperatures.

One thing residents of New Jersey have in common during this frigid winter season is the emotion of dreading to receive their energy bills. It’s no secret that brutal winter conditions come with high energy bills, unless you contact a professional that can make your home more energy efficient. There is one company, and one owner who can take out the sting that comes with overspending on energy bills by recommending such efficiency improvements as repairs, sealing ducts and installing better insulation. The main reason why people overspend on energy bills each year is because their heating system uses too much energy.

“Care temp HVAC highly recommends a home energy audit prior to installing a new home comfort system,” says CareTemp Heating and Air Conditioning President Al Rogulski. “The energy audit will ensure that your new HVAC system is operating at its full potential and will allow the homeowner to save a substantial amount of money on energy costs.”

When you come out of hibernation this spring, there is no need to be scared of what your heating bill has to say. By contacting Al Rogulski and Care Temp, you can save money, time and most of all, energy. By having a home energy audit, you can learn new ways and prepare your home for the next bitter winter. If it is going to be freezing cold outside, than you mine as well be stuck inside in a warm environment. Next winter, you can look outside at the snow and think to yourself, “I’m glad I contacted Care Temp! Now I know that my heating system is working properly and saving me money!”

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