Care Temp Heating and Air Helps New Jersey Residents Prepare Their Home Comfort System for Fall

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Like all good things, summer is finally coming to an end. Even though it will be back next year, most people are beginning to prepare for the fall and winter seasons. Months like December and January bring unbearably cold weather and snow, which make many residents of New Jersey and surrounding states on the east coast flee for warmer climates in Florida, California, and warmer states. Can anyone say snowbird?

If you don’t want to be looked down upon as a snowbird, than chances are you will be hibernating in your home this upcoming fall and winter. If you look forward to living comfortably in your home, than you will need to make sure your home comfort system is working at optimum performance levels. We at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning offer invaluable tips that ensure your HVAC system is prepared for cooler weather that is on the horizon.

Before the summer is completely out of reach, here are a few things to consider:

Furnace Check-Points

  • As fall and winter approach, temperatures will dip
  • As a result, you will be using your furnace more often to keep warm
  • Care Temp professionals can come in and un-earth hidden issues that could be negatively-affecting energy performance
  • A Checkup is essential for optimum performance

Air Filter Checkup Maintenance

  • Components of HVAC system that keep dust, pollen and allergens away from your home
  • When air filters become clogged, your home’s air quality can diminish (notice any family members sneezing and wheezing?)
  • Before fall, our technicians can make sure that all air filters are clean and clear when performing a routine checkup

Care Temp Truly Cares About Your Home Comfort

  • When customers have the most high-quality home comfort systems available installed, they are ensured that the installation is being performed by the most professional, experienced HVAC companies in New Jersey
  • Like Care Temp president Al Rogulski says best, “Care Temp truly cares about our customers!”
  • Customers can take advantage of huge savings this fall by calling “the company that cares” at 1-800-688-TEMP.

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