A confused man trying to figure out how to repair a boiler

Common Boiler Problems, Their Causes, and Some Solutions

The last thing anyone wants in winter is boiler issues. However, they’re more common than you would think. As the most reputable provider of boiler maintenance in Toms River, NJ, and the surrounding regions, we always recommend speaking to a trained technician if you experience any boiler problems. However, there are some preliminary measures to take before you book a repair. This can save time for our technicians and cut the overall cost of your service.

Your Boiler Switches Off

This can occur for several reasons, including thermostat issues, the air in the system, faulty pumps, frozen pipes, low water pressure, and more. We recommend thawing out your pipe if the weather is cold outside. Next, you can try bleeding all your radiators to remove any excess air from your heating system. Finally, if the water pressure is low, call up your water supplier and ask if there is any work going on locally that could cause this problem.

Radiators Fail to Heat

If your radiators are hot at the bottom and colder towards the top, this could be due to rusted pipes, pump issues, or a build-up of air. To solve this problem, bleed your radiators to remove the air that is trapped in the heating system. If the situation does not improve, call a professional to have them professionally flushed out.

Pilot Light Constantly Goes Out

The most common cause of this type of problem is a faulty thermocouple. However, it can also occur due to damaged seals. In both cases, we recommend calling a professional technician to come and take a look at the pilot light and fix the problem.

Your Boiler is Losing Pressure

If your boiler has a pressurized system, you may notice that the pressure starts to drop suddenly. This may be caused by water leaks or problems occurring with the expansion vessel. It may be possible for you to repressurize the boiler yourself after following instructions in the boiler manual; however, it may be best and safest if one of our team helps you get your heating system back up and running.

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