Save Money This Summer through Your Air Conditioning

Most people correlate summertime and air conditioners with spending a lot of money keeping a property cool. For what it’s worth, they’re right—properties need energy to stay cool, and energy costs money. Rest assured, however, that not all HVAC systems are created equally—there are distinct advantages to choosing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, especially in this age of increasing energy costs.

At Care Temp, we offer a wide variety of government-certified energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. In addition to this, we provide conversion services, so people who are dissatisfied with their current heating and cooling systems can upgrade to more energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions. Here are some tips on saving money this summer with your HVAC systems, just in case conversions and upgrades aren’t an option—or if you’ve already had one performed.

Check Your Thermostat

Did you know that the thermometers within thermostats can fall out of calibration? Just like a normal thermometer has to be calibrated for constant accurate readings, it’s important to make sure that a thermostat’s thermometer is well calibrated. Poor calibration in a thermostat will result in erratic cooling and heating patterns, which can cause strain on systems over time, especially if your air conditioner is overcooling an area. Cooling systems work by extracting moisture and heat from the air and if it overexerts itself, the entire system experiences strain.

It’s also incredibly important to monitor the battery health within a thermostat. If the thermostat dies, it won’t be doing anything for your house, and that’s just not good at all. As the batteries weaken, they may provide spotty or inaccurate readings, which will cause strain on a system as it’s constantly re-adjusting itself and turning on and off. To maintain proper health for your cooling systems, it’s extremely important to monitor the health and stability of your thermostat(s).

Is Your A/C System Getting Old? Replace It!

We’re talking really old—is there rust forming on it? Have you repeatedly had to replace parts or call service out multiple times just in the beginning of the season? These may be warning signs that it’s time to let go, before the system completely breaks and starts causing your property some serious problems. Remember that faulty parts and technology in a cooling system results in ice buildup, leakage and even potent and bad smells coming out of the blowers and vents. Old air conditioning systems present other problems as well.

As they get older, A/C systems will decrease in efficiency as well. The amount of power they take in and the amount of cooling they produce will gradually decrease. It’s important to monitor the system and check your power bill– if you see a significant decrease in your power consumption and you’re having problems with your cooling systems, that’s a pretty good sign your A/C system is dropping in efficiency. As your system gets older it will also produce more noise, and require more and more repairs, which should all be incorporated into your heating and cooling bills.

Keep Your Windows Covered

Light translates into heat over time—did anyone ever play around with magnifying glasses as a kid? The concept is kind of the same indoors- as light from the sun and other reflections refracts into a home, it leaves behind traces of its original heat. Basically, this means that any room with exposed glass will warm up significantly faster than a room with blinds and/or curtains protecting the windows.

Talk to an interior designer about picking the right window protection for yourself. Keep your windows under control and it’ll save you money over time.

Keep Your Air Filters Fresh and Clean

We can’t emphasize this enough. In the spring and summer month’s pollen and dust reach all-time highs in certain areas of New Jersey, and as they enter into a home, the air filters will pick them up. Over time, air filters get clogged and decrease the overall efficiency of an air conditioner. In fact, decreased air-flow to and from an air conditioning systems is one of the most common causes of ice build-up on a system, which causes severe damage over time if left unchecked.

There are many different styles of air filters available on the market today. Talk to a specialist from Care Temp and we’ll point you towards an air filter that properly suits the needs of your property. If there’s ever any question, don’t hesitate to come to us. We service, maintain and replace air filters to accommodate all manufacturer brands.

Keep Your System Programmed

Predictability is never a bad thing when it comes to expensive HVAC systems. Thermostats with programming capabilities are nothing new. However, they have evolved into having many new features—ask a specialist from Care Temp today about new thermostats and the many features that they come with these days. There are also timers and features that allow you to personalize your cooling cycles, which will save you energy over time.

Call us today!

We know how to repair, service and install cooling systems of all brands, sizes and levels of quality. We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties. We also have expertise in installing and servicing energy efficient systems certified by the US Government at Don’t hesitate or wait, come to us before it’s too late.

Reach us by phone today in Ocean County at 732.387.3735, in Monmouth County at 732.584.7421 and anywhere else around those areas at 855.788.TEMP. We are the company that cares, and we’ll make sure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long, at a price that’s right for you.

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