Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Costs This Summer

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy time with family and friends, but it is also a season notorious for outrageous energy bills! As the hot weather settles in, the only escape other than the ocean is to head indoors to cool off. Unfortunately, cool air comes at a price. But there are a few smart ways to keep your home from becoming a pressure cooker and reduce that energy bill at the same time.

We at CareTemp, the top AC installation services company in Ocean County, NJ, are dedicated to helping our valued customers stay comfortable in their homes all season long, so we put together a short list of ways to outsmart the hot air and the energy company this summer.

Be More Practical About AC Usage

At the beginning of the season, maybe opt to not switch on the AC at all; instead, open windows and use ceiling fans and portable fans to lower the temperature in individual rooms without spending much on energy. If you don’t mind a little bit of heat too much, you can usually ride this one out for a few weeks. Summer is an excellent time to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts outside and inside, so why not take advantage of the opportunity? When the Jersey summer eventually gets too warm and humid, setting your AC only a few degrees lower than the outside temperature will significantly reduce the strain on your AC unit and avoid racking up the energy costs. Additionally, using fans in tandem with your air conditioner will help disperse the air more evenly and make the room more comfortable.

Circumvent Daytime Heat Build-Up

Mostly, avoid activities and using appliances that add more heat to your home. When you create heat in your home, your thermostat will believe that the entire house is warmer than it really is, forcing the AC to work harder to keep the temperature down. We recommend that you avoid using the stove or oven and the clothes dryer by taking food prep to the grill and line-drying your clothes. Using a bathroom-exhaust when showering will also help remove steam and excess heat from your home as well. Trust us; these little things will make a big difference!

Use Efficient Shades & Blinds

The sun may be outside, but its rays and heat find their way into your house through your windows. By using light-colored, highly-reflective shades and blinds on windows, you can cut window heat gain on sunny days by nearly half. If the sun can’t get in, you set your AC temperature economically, and you are smart about avoiding activities that cause additional indoor heat, we are confident that your energy costs will drop.

Consider Professional AC Maintenance

The leading cause of increased energy costs is a neglected air conditioner. Everyday wear-and-tear, dirty filters, component damage, and moisture from humidity can lead your AC unit to an early grave. All of these issues could be detected and taken care of immediately if you brought in the AC installation service specialists in and around Toms River, NJ, to perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner. The experts at Care Temp can replace air filters, clear out dirt and debris from the unit’s evaporator and condenser coils, test the system, and ensure that your unit will function efficiently and for longer.

Call us today for more energy-saving tips or to set up a maintenance plan for your air conditioner before the summer heat hits! And check out the video below to beat the heat and humidity this summer.

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