Start Your Spring Cleaning List with Your HVAC Unit

Spring is now less than a month away, and many of us have already started experiencing much warmer temperatures than is typical for this time of year. During this season, many of us decide to get a fresh start on things around the house. One thing you definitely shouldn’t neglect is your start up for your central air conditioning. Having regular maintenance performed on your heat and air conditioning systems each year can help you avoid costlier air conditioning repair in your Toms River home.

Here are some other tasks that you can do to help keep your HVAC unit running in tip-top condition throughout the year.

  • Replace your filters every month. The filter for your furnace and air conditioner needs to be changed once a month. This is especially important if you have people with allergies living in your home. Replacing the filters regularly will help cut back on airborne allergens like dust and dander. If you have a HEPA filter, it does not have to be changed as frequently; however, you will still want to clean it off using the nozzle on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Replace the humidifier pad on your HVAC unit at least once a year. Alternately called a water panel or filter, the humidifier pad can become clogged with mineral deposits over time, which can restrict the flow of air. If you have hard water, you may need to change it twice a year or more. Much like the air filter on a central air unit, the humidifier pad is very easy to replace.
  • Clean the area around your condenser. The condenser is the large, outdoor portion of an air conditioner or heat pump. Over the winter, debris like fallen leaves and twigs tends to build up around the unit. Start the season off right by clearing the area around your condenser to ensure that it can keep running efficiently when you need it most.
  • Schedule your HVAC maintenance. Spring is a perfect time to schedule your maintenance, since you can make sure that there are no problems with your air conditioner that occurred over the winter. At the same time, you can feel confident that your air conditioner will be ready to go once those warmer temperatures hit.

No matter what the season, you can always rely on Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning for excellent service and heating and air conditioning repair in Toms River, NJ and surrounding areas.

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