Statistics Show Heater and Air Conditioner Maintenance Saves Lives

frozen fountainHeating and Air Conditioning are essential luxuries for Americans living in the greater northeast and Midwest.  The winter of 2013 showed everyone in Pennsylvania and New Jersey just how important heat can be; it can make the difference between enjoying your winter and moving to Florida..

Unmaintained heaters can have exposed wires and material buildup that can be a fire hazard.  In a recent publication by the United States Fire Association (USFA), it was recorded that house fires kill or injure 16,000 Americans every year.  Though they list the #1 cause as cooking accidents, it’s also important to keep your heaters maintained and properly running.  According to them, “Fire is Everyone’s Fight”.  (Source:

Statistics from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show that the last two years have cost America 1141 lives due to weather-related disasters.  The damages far exceeded $100 billion. (Source:  Though you may not be risking your lives at this time, every effort counts; large or small.  Having a working heater is integral in times of winter disaster. Who knows when an emergency will arise, and a neighbor or child will need to keep warm this winter?

NOAA’s forecast office for the greater Northeast of America shows that there were nine winter storms between January and April 2014.   These storms resulted in school and business closings and trapped people in their homes.  Visiting the Jersey Shore just isn’t as fun in a blizzard.  Care Temp has heating repair in Monmouth County covered so you can avoid the cold until the beach is toasty again. We also do checkups and maintenance to give you some peace of mind.

Protect Yourself and Those Important to You

Winter can be a time of struggle. Losing running water is something New Jersey citizens should try and avoid.  Every winter thousands of pipes burst or freeze.  Water has a signature property of expansion when it freezes, and this pressure buildup can burst even the thickest pipes.

The American Red Cross is world-renowned for being dedicated to helping Americans in need.  They have some tips for you to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting

–    Drain water from wherever necessary

–    Remove, drain and store your hoses

–    Check for pipelines in unheated areas, including crawl spaces, attics, garages, under kitchens and bathroom cabinets.

–    When you find these pipes, insulate them, preferably with products specifically meant to protect water pipes.  Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning can help with all your pipe insulation needs if you aren’t the DIY type.

–    Keep garages closed whenever possible

–    When weather is particularly frigid, let your cold water pipes slowly drip, so the water stays moving and doesn’t freeze. 

–    Monitor your thermostat.  Don’t go too cold at night, and don’t leave your thermostat off or cold   during vacations.


The State of New Jersey also publishes a winter storm fact sheet every year.  Find it here:

Those are just a few facts to keep in mind during the harsh winter season.  As the fact sheet says, “a winter storm can be lethal.”  That is undoubtedly a worst-case scenario; it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

Why Us?

Care Temp does provide heating repairs in Freehold, Ocean County and Brick, but it doesn’t end there.   We have been around since 1991, happily bailing people out of their heating and A/C conundrums.

We’re part of the New Jersey community. We have families here.  Care Temp understands that life is busy, and schedules are tight.  That’s why our call center is open all night.

We also understand that there’s a lot to “heating and air conditioning”.  That’s why we cover over 20 different facets of the industry, including dryer vent cleaning, electric conversions, tankless hot water heaters, retrofitting and furnace installation / repair.  Care Temp covers every angle.  Reach us today at 1(855)-788-TEMP.

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