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Which Common Furnace Issues Should I Look Out For?

Your furnace is a critical component of your heating system, keeping your home warm during the winter months and boosting your home’s efficiency ratings. But, like all components of your home’s HVAC system, your furnace or boiler may need some routine maintenance to make sure that it is working at its peak condition. But what happens when you notice that you’re not getting warm air during the coldest days of the year?

As one of the top companies for furnace repairs across Monmouth and Ocean County, we have seen the most common issues with gas furnaces and the warning signs that homeowners should be aware of. The following are the problems that are most likely to be plaguing your home heating system, so learn the symptoms so you can be ready to address the issue and keep your home warm when you need it most.

Little or Infrequent Air Blowing Out

While some furnace issues might be somewhat hard to spot, an immediate sign that you are having problems with your heating system is not feeling any hot air blown out into your living space. In some instances, the air might feel cooler, while in other cases, you might not feel any air coming through at all. While it might seem like a cause for panic, this is actually a prevalent issue among even the most efficient furnaces and can easily be resolved with the help of your local HVAC contractors, who can restore your heater or air conditioner to its normal working condition.

Issues with your airflow may not signal one particular problem or another, however. The problem could be anything from your furnace’s blower fan to a malfunction within your unit’s circuit breakers. Regardless, neither one is an issue you should attempt to fix on your own, so call in the professionals if you need any emergency services regarding your furnace.

Air Filters Overdue for Cleaning

How long has it been since the last time you had your filters replaced? If it’s been a few years, then there’s a good chance that your indoor air quality is suffering without you even realizing it. With so much dust, dirt, and sometimes even mold building up in your filter over time, you might have no idea what you’re breathing in and how it’s affecting the people in your home. In fact, you might even be able to figure out that your filters are in need of changing by looking at any rises in your energy bill, as the clogged-up filters can lead to your unit being less energy efficient.

Beyond just impacting the air quality of your home, dirty air filters can lead to problems such as heat exchanger damage and even a complete shutdown of your furnace. With that being said, air filter cleaning and replacement is not a maintenance task that you can let fall by the wayside. Make sure you are staying on top of your air filters by having them regularly checked out and cleaned when necessary.

Broken Thermostat

Your thermostat can fail more often than you would think — and in the most unlikely ways possible. While the immediate instinct to check if yours is working is to look at the display and make sure everything is showing up, there are other signs of thermostat troubles that may not come to mind. Did you know that if your fan is constantly running, it is an indication of an issue with your heating system’s thermostat? What about if your unit cuts out before reaching the temperature you’ve set? These are all diagnoses of a thermostat issue within your furnace.

In some cases, the fix might be as easy as changing out the batteries or adjusting your circuit breakers, but there could also be issues that need professional attention. You will not want to attempt to repair or replace your thermostat on your own, especially when a professional could help you set up new technology within your home, such as smart thermostat systems. Before trying to diagnose the problem on your own and try some DIY fix you found on the internet, get an expert opinion and see how they can help.

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