Why Late Summer Isn’t Too Early to Get Your Heating Unit Ready for the Winter!

As a heating and air conditioning company in Toms River, NJ, we know all too well how most people put off checking their heating systems until the fall. However, late summer is not too early to schedule your heating system’s annual maintenance or a tune-up. In fact, if you were to ask any heating and air conditioning contractor in Toms River, he or she will likely tell you that “sooner is better!” Plus, if you wait to schedule service too far into the fall season and/or when it’s too cold out, you may find yourself waiting a while to receive service or even worse—end up with a broken unit when you finally turn your system on one cool fall day!

If you are wondering what a heating technician will check (and that you should also monitor throughout the months) during any checkup, here are a few:

Your heating unit’s air filter.

There are a countless number of articles that talk about the importance of checking/changing your air conditioning unit’s air filter. So, it’s safe to say that checking/changing your heating unit’s air filter is just as important. If you weren’t aware, one of the ways you will keep both system’s running is by checking and replacing filters as necessary. Additionally, air filters should be monitored to ensure your system is not causing a spike in your energy bills!

The blower and the motor.

Just as a mechanic would check the belts and oil in your car, so will a heating technician check the belts and oil within your heating unit. If you didn’t know, a unit’s motor could break if it isn’t running “smoothly” with enough oil, and the belts have the potential to crack if they have been exposed to the elements for too long.

Your home’s vents.

There is no denying that if your heating vents are obstructed in any way, the warm air won’t circulate properly. So, if you want to help guarantee that your heating system will heat your home the way you want it to, it’s not only important to keep those vents clean, but to move anything and everything out of their way! And, you can rest assured that not one technician will tell you to keep those vents blocked!

The technicians at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning will check all of these things and more if you schedule an annual checkup. To schedule service now—or definitely before fall arrives—please dial 855-788-8376.


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