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3 Easy Ways to Cool Down This Summer

With regular temperatures over 80 degrees, this has undoubtedly been a hot summer — and temperatures are only set to increase through August. Are you feeling the heat? If you’re struggling to cool down, try one of these easy ideas.

Have a Cold Drink

Nothing cools you down faster than an ice-cold glass of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as beverages containing these substances can cause dehydration and can make you feel even worse. This means that drinking soda, coffee, or beer can make you feel worse, even if they’re chilled. For enhanced flavor, try slicing up some fruit or cucumbers into your water.

Take a Shower

If you’re waiting on AC repair in Brick, Toms River, or another nearby community in New Jersey, you can cool down indoors by taking a lukewarm or cool shower. If you do not have the time for a full shower or bath, a simple sponge bath with cool water can provide instant relief. Even a warm shower can help cool you down as the water evaporates from your hair and body. While taking a hot shower can make you feel worse, you might also want to avoid taking an ice-cold shower, which can shock your system.

Freeze a Hot Water Bottle

If you take a hot water bottle to bed with you to warm up in the winter, you might be surprised to learn that you can also freeze a hot water bottle. Fill the water bottle up and pop it in the freezer for a quick, refreshing way to cool down. You might need to wrap the water bottle in a towel if you plan on holding it against your skin through the night.

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