Be Ready for Winter with these Helpful Tips

CareTemp LLC has been offering heating repair in Ocean County for a number of years. The staff at CareTemp can’t believe that the summer of 2013 has already come and gone. Even more astounding is that only a few short months separate the first day of fall from Christmas. That’s right, only 13 weeks after the first day of fall and we’ll be fully immersed in a winter wonderland. The winter can be an extremely busy time of year. Happenstance has it that the majority of major U.S holidays fall right into the fall and winter months. Between family gatherings and hectic shopping sprees, Americans need to find time to tend to their homes.

CareTemp LLC offers more than just heating repair in Monmouth County and they understand that Americans lead a busy lifestyle where spare time is a rare commodity. Fortunately, CareTemp LLC can help home and business owners prepare for the winter. Additionally, CareTemp LLC offers up a few helpful tips that can provide savings and peace of mind before the start of winter. First and foremost, CareTemp LLC recommends inspecting the HVAC system, thermostat, and furnace before it gets really cold. Cleaning and replacing .air filters is also a great idea during the change of any season.

One of the best tricks property owners can do to save some extra cash on their monthly energy bills is adjusting their air vents. Prior to the winter, it’s a good idea to close off the vents in the ceiling and open the vents on the floor. As we all know, heat rises and manipulating the air vents in this fashion will help capitalize on heats natural momentum. A routine check of the hot water heater should also be conducted before the winter. It is always a good idea to know how many years a hot water heater has been in service and to prepare for an eventual replacement. Taking these basic steps can translate into savings, but most importantly you’ll be prepared.

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