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Has Your Furnace Stopped Working? Here Are 4 Tips

With the weather in New Jersey about to get much colder and wetter, you’ll be relying on your furnace and heating system more than ever. As the leading provider of furnace maintenance in Brick, NJ, If your furnace stops blowing warm air or cuts out altogether, you can call us anytime 24/7 for essential repairs and inspections. However, these tips can solve many of your furnace problems; if not, it may be time to rely on the assistance of one of our heating professionals.

Check Your Thermostat

Although your furnace may be working perfectly, the thermostat is always one of the first places you should inspect if you have a heating problem. If your furnace fails to turn on or blow any hot air, try the following tips before you call a technician:

  • Replace or recharge the batteries.
  • Increase the heat to at least 5 degrees above room temperature to see if the furnace kicks in.
  • Make sure your thermostat is set to ‘heat’ rather than ‘cool’ (Someone could have accidentally changed the settings or left them since the summertime.)
  • Blow any dust away from the inside of your thermostat panel.

Change the Air Filters

If a furnace filter is too blocked or dirty, it stops any return airflow to the furnace. This prevents the machine from being able to “breathe” properly.

Dirty air filters lead to:

  • Furnace Failures: As the furnace has to run longer to heat your home, the heat exchanger overheats. This causes the furnace to fail and enter an automatic mode shut-down.
  • Less Hot Air Emitted: If the air return process is blocked, the furnace can’t provide enough air to your supply vents, leaving you colder than usual.

Dirty filters can lead to a build-up of soot inside the heat exchanger, which will reduce the efficiency and longevity of your furnace. The air filter should be checked at least once a month to check for dirt and clogged materials.

Close the Blower Motor Panel 

If the panel door has been accessed for previous repair work, it may still be open. If the panel is left open, it will stop the furnace from running as a safety measure. Therefore, homeowners should check that their furnace blower panels are securely shut.

Contact a Professional

If in doubt about any of the points above, contact the top-rated provider of heating maintenance services in Toms River, NJ and the surrounding areas, Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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