How You Can Prepare Your AC System for a Spring and Summer of Cooling

When thoughts of your home enter your mind, they should always be ones that you associate with physical comfort and tranquility. Because of how much our moods and health can be affected by fluctuations in temperature, it’s absolutely imperative that we maintain an efficient AC system.

As one of the premier air conditioning contractors in the Toms River, NJ, we truly care about the quality of the living spaces that our customers inhabit on a daily basis. Because of how much we care, we take our annual start-up service and AC maintenance as seriously as anyone in our profession.

Whether you intend to start-up your AC system yourself or not, it’s prudent to learn how you can prepare your AC system for a spring and summer of regular usage:

Inspect Your Outdoor Condenser

Since you probably haven’t had a reason to venture near your AC’s condenser in almost half a year, walk outside and examine it. If you covered the condenser for the winter season, uncover it, removing any debris or vegetation that may have gathered over the months.

As a general rule, you want to clear an 18-inch radius around your AC condenser. Any branches or overgrown vegetation should be cleared away before your AC system is operated. If you find that vegetation or dirt encrusted itself around the coils of your AC condenser, you can equip a nozzle and lightly spray at a 45-degree angle, dislodging debris.

Indoor Inspections and Maintenance

Now that your AC condenser has been properly inspected and cleaned, find your AC system inside, inspect and replace its air filter. As industry experts, we recommend that you replace the filter in your AC system once a month, following startup. Be sure to check for any gaps in the filter that can allow unfiltered air to pass through!

Starting Up Your AC System Correctly

With inspection and filter replacements out of the way, the process of starting up your AC system is as easy as adjusting your thermostat to “cool,” the fan to “auto” and flipping a switch. Customers near Ocean County rely on our annual air conditioning services, not because they can’t turn on their AC, but because they understand the value of regular checkups.

Learn more about preparing your AC system for the warm season by giving us a call at 855-788-TEMP.

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