Why You Should Regularly Check Your Thermostat’s Battery Power

During these coldest months of the year, a properly tuned and maintained home heating system is an absolute necessity. Any malfunctional or inefficient equipment within your home can cause sudden and costly changes to your indoor heating. You can rely on HVAC experts at Care Temp to handle your entire heating system—from your boiler repairs to your thermostat inspections in areas like Jackson and Toms River, NJ.

Minor though it may seem, the efficiency of your home heating rests on the functionality of your programmable thermostat. When our HVAC technicians visit our customers’ homes, we always insist on inspecting thermostats—ensuring that batteries haven’t died, and displays still work as they’re designed.

Symptoms of Low Battery Power

As a courtesy to homeowners and HVAC technicians alike, most programmable thermostats will indicate when they’re losing battery power—symbolized by a flashing empty battery on the unit’s display screen. Once this occurs, homeowners have 1-2 months to acquire new batteries for the thermostat. A blank screen on the thermostat indicates that its batteries have died, relinquishing your direct and automatic control over your home’s heating system.

The Necessity of Replacing Batteries

Without a functional thermostat, powered by a fresh set of batteries, your home heaters will stop operating according to any schedule—allowing temperature within your home to wildly fluctuate.

In a winter as dire as this one, you cannot afford to lose power to your thermostat on the coldest and darkest nights of the year. By morning, the temperature within your home can easily drop at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit, should your thermostat cease functioning as you’re sleeping. A set of new batteries prevents this from happening, pending other complications with your heating or electric.

Changing Batteries to a Thermostat

Because of the range of thermostats on the market, we recommend that you consult the manual for your exact unit, before replacing any batteries. Usually, this procedure begins with sliding the thermostat from its wall plate, then removing its battery compartment. Abiding by manufacturers, you should replace your thermostat’s batteries at least once a year, checking for any symbols or flashing icons whenever you utilize the unit.

If you suspect any problems with your programmable thermostat or your home’s heating system you can always contact Care Temp at 855-788-TEMP. Capable of installing furnaces, as well as changing batteries, we service areas like Toms River, NJ with real pride and integrity.

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