Insulation and Cooling Go Hand in Hand

In the summer, every degree counts. We know that it gets hot and humid outdoors and you want to stay cool whenever you can. As we turn on our A/C systems this summer and set our thermostats, we could potentially be feeding our cooling to the great outdoors—something that will cost us a pretty penny in the long run. That’s why insulation and cooling go hand-in-hand. Obviously opening windows and the like will waste both heating and cooling.  However, there are many outside-the-box solutions to insulation that many property owners overlook.

Ventilation/Attic Fans

Attic fans serve two distinct purposes – giving hot air the boot and letting cooler air in. During the winter, they’re not as necessary because it’s cool all of the time. However, when summer rears its’ head, attic fans have to come out of their hibernation. You should make sure your attic fan and ventilation systems are working in full force. Every summer at the beginning of the season, check your attic fans for ice damage, critters, debris, physical damage or anything else that could negatively impact its efficiency. By keeping your attic nice and ventilated, you will spare the cooling in the rest of your property.

Window Insulation

Many people believe that when a window is closed, it’s working as intended. Modern windows are complex systems with several layers of glass and an intricate structure of insulation materials to ensure it doesn’t leak air. However, what people don’t realize is that over time, this intricate system deteriorates. Windows with old weather stripping and insulation will leak outside air inside as the materials deteriorate from age. Not only that, but outside sunlight entering a window will reflect off of the inside of the property and generate heat. The best solution for this is to get quality blinds and curtains to keep the light out, and make sure the insulation on your windows is effective. Contact Care Temp today to learn tips on how to find out the status of your window insulation.

Roofing Insulation

Your roofing insulation is easily one of the most important, and also one of the easiest areas, to overlook. Many people are happy with their roofing as long as it doesn’t leak water. And for what it’s worth, we agree with them. However, even though some materials may be well waterproofed, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t transmit heat or let hot air into your property. Every few years we recommend that our clientele seek a professional to have their roof checked in order to keep the cooling generated from their already busy HVAC systems inside their properties. Our experts can tell if a roof’s poor insulation is affecting your efforts to keep your property cool.

Call Care Temp Today!

We’re experts in the fields of cooling and we’ve seen hundreds of properties. We understand exactly where weak points lie and where it can be improved. If we can’t do the service ourselves, we have the right references for you to get it done. Insulation is very important in the summer. Don’t let your HVAC systems overwork themselves for no reason because of bad insulation. We’re also known for our boiler repair services around Monmouth County, NJ, and all of the surrounding regions.

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