Things to Look for in a Good HVAC Contractor

Some of these things seem obvious, but so many companies miss them. When you hire an HVAC professional, you are putting your property and the occupants’ safety into their hands. It’s important that you find a skilled contractor who pays close attention to detail and doesn’t fall to amateur blunders while working on your property.

Carbon Monoxide Training – Combustion safety and carbon monoxide control are very important elements of HVAC expertise. Skilled HVAC contractors never downplay a CO alarm and will never elect to replace the batteries and “forget about it.” To do so could potentially put occupants of a property at risk.

Understanding the “Big Picture” of HVAC – It’s definitely important to understand the core principles of the HVAC system. However, many HVAC contractors focus on the core of the system and ignore the air flow. Duct work is just as important as the central unit itself; they work together to keep a home cool.

Good HVAC Contractors Understand Performance – It’s one thing to go into a property, fix the system and get it churning again and then seal off any busted insulation points. It’s an entirely different thing to suggest things to clients that will boost their systems performance and make it more energy efficient. Constructing energy efficient systems is, and always will be, one of our specialties.

Remembering Ventilation – The “V” in HVAC is for ventilation. With energy laws and building codes at their strictest in years, more and more focus is put on insulation. However, ventilation is equally important, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, attics and basements.

Good Contractors Don’t Skip Any Math – That’s right: Math. You wouldn’t typically associate math with your HVAC contractor, but some math does go into it. Each system has different output levels and homes of different sizes require different duct structures. Everything going into your home should be a calculated decision by a professional, instead of picking the first appliance that looks nice and has the right price tag, which brings us to our next point.

The Lowest Isn’t Always the Best – We understand that it’s important not to overprice things. However, it’s also important to recognize that high quality has a price tag. When contractors compete to be the lowest bidder, it can result in their client getting a lower quality product as they cut costs and use shortcuts. Be cost efficient, but be wary of prices that are too low.

Your Home is a System – Your HVAC system works with your entire home to keep it safe and breathable. A good HVAC contractor understands this – they will know how to maximize insulation and create environments where mildew and mold fail to thrive. HVAC systems are intricate pieces of work and your property is equally so.

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