Is Your Central Air Conditioning System Blowing Warm Air?

The first thing you probably do when you get home from a long, hot day of work is blast the AC. But you may notice that the air blowing out of the vent is warm, making your home feel as hot as it is outside. Before contacting Care Temp, LLC for repairs, we want to make you understand some of the reasons for why your air conditioning is blowing warm air. Most of the reasons listed below can you can check for yourself. However, some of them require professional assistance from an HVAC company who has the proper tools to make the repairs. Reasons for warm air include:

  • Make sure you check your thermostat! It could be turned to heat mode, which would be the most obvious reason your AC system is blowing hot air. Even though this is a simple mistake, you would be surprised by how many people make this mistake
  • Did you know that airflow is the most crucial component to your central air conditioning system? Change your air filters every month, or every other month to avoid inadequate air flow.
  • In order for the air conditioning system to run properly, the condensing unit must be running in perfect order. Check your unit to see if the compressor is bad. If you need it repaired, you can contact us for an estimate on repairing it o replacing it with a new one. We may suggest replacing the condenser only, or installing a brand new system.
  • Check the amount of refrigerant in the central air system. A small leak could be causing the refrigerant to leak out.

Having warm air blowing out of your central air conditioning system isn’t the end of the world. A few quick fixes could have it running properly in no time, so you can relax in the comfort of your home during the hotter days of summer.

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