Getting To Know the Air Conditioner: 10 Fun Facts

Inventor, Carrier, with his first working air conditioner

We know what you’re thinking.

How can a conversation about an air conditioner be interesting? What do you care, as long as it keeps you cool during the summer!

Usually, conversations about air conditioners usually deal with repairs, or installations, but we have some fun facts that may have never been thought about or asked that will be sure to perk your ears up.  Try to hold in that yawn, as we count down ten of the most interesting facts about the air conditioner!

10. Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902. He originally designed this lifesaver to control the humidity of a New York publishing house. Creating an instant positive impact, the air conditioner helped ink dry faster and kept paper from expanding and contracting. The photo above represents Carrier, with his first working air conditioner.

9.  Originally, movie makers released their huge blockbuster hits during the summer because movie theaters across America offered air conditioning. The best way for people to beat the heat was to attend the theater.

8. Florida, Texas, Nevada and states with warmer climates can thank the air conditioner for their population booms.

7. The air conditioner has affected our life expectancy. Without cool, controllable environments, medicines could not have been created and diseases could not have been cured.

6. Air conditioning is partly responsible for the development of computer manufacturing and technology, which keeps millions of us at work!

5. Air conditioning provides clean, filtered, indoor environments for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

4. Air Conditioning companies, like Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, have been making the switch to greener air conditioning units to make the world a better place!

3. Open floor plans and high ceilings were designed and created to optimize the cool air flow in hot buildings. People who work on the 33rd floor on Wall Street should appreciate this!

2. Government agencies, including companies that worked in commercial buildings, would take summer vacations along with schools. Well, maybe this is a negative effect of the creation of the air conditioner!

1. Even though air conditioners were created as a tool to be used to keep environments cool, kids should thank be grateful that schools kept the 3 month summer vacation! Technically, with air conditioning, school could be year round, but we will let kids continue to have their freedom for a few months!