Summer Weather Predications Already Causing a Stir

After a horrendous winter season, residents of New Jersey are suddenly picking up the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac to get the scoop on what they can expect this summer. Tired of snow, sleet, ice and cold rain, everyone is wishing for warmer weather and is looking forward to spending sunny afternoons outside with friends and family.

Already feeling the effect of early-spring, April weather, the rest of the month and May should be warmer and drier, according to the Almanac. That’s good news so far! From there on, the rest of the summer is due to be hotter and rainier than normal. Hotter periods are expected to arrive in early June and stay from mid-July to late-August.

“After Over 25 years in business I still am learning and still am excited and passionate with my business my personnel and my customers,” said Care Temp President, Al Rogulski. “It excites me to say goodbye old man winter and so nice to see you again our friend “SPRING”  with the hot weather right around the corner it is very important to tune your air conditioner  and if it is an original unit 15 years or older a replacement shod be considered. With today’s technology the savings are huge when I say huge I’m talking 50, 60 and yes up to 90% compared to the efficiency that a consumer may have in their home today so get on board with the company that does not base price on geography and treat your family as our family with ethics integrity care and passion call Caretemp today 1-800-688-TEMP.”

Well, I guess we couldn’t have too much fun this summer! Rain certainly is a disappointment, but it is still important to have your air conditioning unit checked out before the summer. Nobody wants to wait until a hot, rainy July afternoon, to find out that their air conditioner doesn’t work. The good news is that this spring, Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning will be busy repairing and replacing air conditioning units for New Jersey residents who want to stay cool when the heat comes. Even though they are busy, you can still schedule an estimate to have them come out to their home. With their help, you will be comfortable and can make sure your AC unit performs perfectly through the rest of the year.

Don’t get caught up in the commotion from the news of a hotter-than-usually summer. Prepare by making sure your air conditioner unit is intact. You will feel much better knowing you let the HVAC professionals of Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning take care of you.

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