The Ideal AC Temperature: The Summer Riddle

Since the days of ancient Sumer, clay tablets, and heat strokes, humankind has asked itself an eternal question: “At which temperature should I set my AC?” Before the era of William Carrier, (and the programmable thermostat) this was mostly a pipedream; one at the whim of nature, air and ether. Today, thanks to the wisdom of air conditioning contractors in Toms River, and Brick, New Jersey (and elsewhere), humanity can finally answer this summer riddle.

AC Mathematica

Before we delve into the philosophy, let’s confront a reality: 40% of the electricity cost in a residential or commercial property is air conditioning. In more arid areas like California, that number can rise as high as 50% (especially in our modern-day climate). If your utility bill is stressing you like a solar serpent, get it down before it swallows up your monthly earnings.

Human Equilibrium

If it weren’t for the living men and women, pets, and ghosts, we could easily let our homes and businesses bake in the summer sun. If you consult the authorities at Energy Star, you’ll be told that 78 degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius for those born on Mars) is the optimal temperature for AC Because of the sciences, we know that 78 degrees is bearable, but certainly not ideal for waking or dreaming humans. Physicians and psychiatrists both recommend that you spend your days in rooms cooled at 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, you want a calm and blissful sleep at 65 to 72 degrees.

The HVAC Mysteries

It is a hidden secret of airflow and insulation, knowing the Mystery of heat penetration on those most fiery days. It takes, on average, 2-3 hours for outside heat to pass through our walls and disperse itself throughout a space. Though the sun is its fieriest at the hours of 1-3 PM, we don’t feel that heat until the later evening. Time your thermostats in accordance, and follow a golden rule: turn your thermostat five degrees higher than you’d like it, before you leave a premise that is air conditioned.

Knowing all this, it behooves you to maintain the integrity of your AC unit. Luckily for citizens in Toms River, and Jackson, New Jersey, (and the larger area) our trained air conditioning technicians can repair any AC unit, regardless of the brand or age. Pleasing your body, mind, and home, please call us at 732-387-3735 (if in Ocean County) or at 732-584-7421 (if in Monmouth County) to schedule an AC inspection.

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