Have You Checked Your Cooling System’s Air Filter? Here’s Why You Should

During the summer, your air conditioning is running on overdrive. So, have you checked your system’s air filter?

If you’ve been neglecting this important part of your air conditioning system, you may be putting your entire home’s cooling system at risk. In fact, here’s a brief explanation of why you, as a homeowner, should be checking your cooling system’s air filter:

First of all, why is your cooling system’s filtration system important? One of the unsung heroes of the home, your cooling system’s filter catches all the air that surrounds your friends and family. 100% of the air in your home passes through the filter, and is usually refreshed twice per hour. The job of the filter is to stop harmful bacteria, dirt, dust, and mold particles from getting into your home – a pretty important factor when it comes to your health.

Clean filters keep your cooling system healthy. So, if you’ve forgotten to change your filter, you may need to call an air conditioning company located in Jackson, NJ like Care Temp, LLC, for repairs soon because not checking a filter even once a month could cause some serious issues. Clogged filters make the work of your cooling system much more difficult to accomplish, so if you find yourself needing more repairs than usual, make sure to update your filter-checking schedule once your system is running again.

Most experts recommend changing your air filters once every few months, but during the summer your air conditioning takes on a lot more work. We recommend changing your air filter once every month (and even sometimes twice) during the summer – this is especially true if you or someone you love has allergies.

If you notice that your home takes longer to cool down, your home isn’t cooling down effectively, or a sensitive family member is having more issues with household cleanliness, your cooling system’s filter should be your first stop. If the issue persists, be sure to contact a qualified company providing AC repair in Toms River, NJ and its surrounding areas, such as Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning to keep your family cool and healthy this summer season. To schedule service, please call 855-788-TEMP or fill out a contact form online.

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