Tips to Preparing Yourself for the Coming Winter

The winter can be a time of beauty, but it’s also a time of extreme cold and discomfort for us residing in New Jersey. We hate the cold weather and snow as much as kids love the snow days they’ll be inevitably getting this winter. While all of this madness is going down, don’t let your HVAC system be one of your problems. When heating systems collapse over the winter, it’s often a devastating experience for property owners. Don’t let it happen to you. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself this coming season, here are some tips.

Consider investing in a generator. Generators can be an extremely useful tool during the winter if your power goes out, but you know it’s coming back on soon. Generators will help with keeping a home warm, even if the only reason is to keep pipelines from freezing. They can also be used to keep refrigeration systems up and running, but it’s recommended that generators be reserved for only the most emergent situations. Call us today to learn how we can help you get a generator on your property.

Test your heater before the cold weather, not during it. One of the biggest mistakes that residential and commercial property owners make is that they don’t check their heating systems until the cold weather is upon them. You want to test your heater out while it’s still warm. That way, if it’s not working, you’re not stuck in a cold home or business. Another thing to consider is that, often, there’s dust in the heat pumps and ventilation area that will smell quite acrid the first time you boot up a heater. Open some windows while it’s nice out, fire your heater up and let it get warmed up—it’s in for a lot of work this winter.

Check out your windows. There are a few factors to consider with your windows in your property. The first is insulation. Insulated windows are your friend year-round, not just during the winter. Poorly insulated windows allow air to bleed into your property and affect how hard your HVAC system has to push to maintain a solid temperature. You can also add blinds and curtains to your windows to get the most out of them. On sunny days, the curtains and blinds keep sun out and keep the property cool. On cold, sunny days the curtains and blinds can be opened to let the sun in, warming the property.

Clean your vents and unseen fans—clear them of debris, and critters—if necessary. Remember that these things, like ventilation shafts and fans, are going to be warmer as they convey heat throughout your property. The last thing you want is creatures seeking these areas as a habitat, which is frequently done by birds and smaller rodents. Make sure your system is properly installed and insulated to keep the critters out. For more information on what this takes, contact us today at 855-788-TEMP.

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