What You Can Expect From Your Heating Maintenance Appointment

It’s January, which means that the winter season is heating up.

But, for some homeowners who ignored their heater’s signs of despair and refused to get it checked, the winter season could be long, cold and dreary.

To avoid unnecessary repairs, it is always a good idea to schedule a maintenance check-up with Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning. We will take good care of you as we check to make sure your heating system is working properly. Since the heating system will be maintained thoroughly, there will be less chance of it breaking down during a snowstorm.

Preparing for your first scheduled maintenance appointment? Here are some things you should expect during a visit from your serviceman from Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning:

Component Check-Up

The first thing a technician will do is check the components of the heating system to see if any of the parts are worn down. If they are, the technician will recommend having them replaced.


After checking the various components, the technician will perform a tune-up in which they will clean out debris, flush water from the boiler, change the air filters, tighten connections, calibrate the thermostat and clean condensation out of the drain lines.

Run the Heater

Following the tune-up, the technician will run the heater to check the performance and efficiency. This is done to see if the heater is running the way it should and checks to see if there are any uncommon noises or odor being produced.

Congratulations! If the technician leaves your home, it means that everything is working the way that it should and you’ve successfully made it through your first maintenance check-up. Be sure to schedule a follow up at the end of the year, or as soon as you notice something unusual.

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