Why It’s Important to Check and Change Your AC System’s Air Filter

If you didn’t know, keeping dirt, dust, and other debris out of your air conditioning system is important if you desire to have both a properly functioning system and clean air circulating throughout your home. As a heating and air conditioning company that serves Ocean County and many other areas, we here at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning have helped a countless number of customers change their air filters over the years. While it’s certainly a simple task that they can do on their own, some individuals still cannot grasp the importance of doing it, or even know which air filter they need to install.

How often should your air filter be checked/changed?

When it comes to how often you should be checking/changing your air filter, the first thing you need to consider is what type of filter your system requires. Each filter has a different lifespan, and those that tend to be on the more economical side will likely end up needing a replacement sooner. Other things you will need to take into account include how many people and pets are in your home and your home’s surrounding environment. Inevitably, you should be checking/changing your air filter 2-4 times a year, but there are certainly some instances where a homeowner might have to do it more often, and sometimes even once a month.

Why is changing your air filter so important?

If the thought of having a properly functioning unit and clean air in your home are not good enough reasons to spend time changing your air filter, you should keep in mind that doing so will save you money! Having a dirty air filter will force the entire system to work harder, thus making you spend more money on your energy bills. What’s more, forcing your system to work overtime because of a dirty air filter also increases its potential to break down and/or need to be replaced sooner, rather than later. When it all comes down to it, if you don’t want to spend any more money paying for additional energy or unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided, you need to view changing your AC system’s air filter is a necessity, and not an option!

There is no denying that energy costs are on the rise and that many homeowners are doing what they can to save money. By checking and changing your air filter as needed, you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system, and save money on your energy bills. To learn more about why it’s important to maintain your system and its components, or to schedule maintenance, please call our Ocean County, NJ-based air conditioning repair and service company at 855-788-8376 any time!






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