Why You Should Have Your AC System Checked Before Summer Begins

Even though scheduling a check-up for your air conditioning system is better than not doing it at all, spring and/or early summer are ideal times to schedule one. In fact, scheduling maintenance early will help prevent you from having to deal with a broken unit when the temperature is at, or hovering around, 100+ degrees Fahrenheit! Additionally, if your check-up is scheduled early, you won’t have to face a long wait and higher prices that may be charged for check-ups during the middle of the summer season.

What is the biggest reason why you should schedule a check-up?


First and foremost, when you have a technician come out and check your system, he or she will catch small problems before they become significant and costly issues to fix. For example, correcting a subtle refrigerant leak during a check-up will help you save money. However, letting your refrigerant leak will lower levels faster, which may cause your compressor to burn out. When this happens, you may find yourself paying up to $1,000+ for a new compressor.

If you didn’t know, an annual check-up will also help you to save money because it will ensure that every component of your AC unit is operating efficiently. Inevitably, when your unit runs well, it uses less energy to cool your home. So, you should expect to see bigger savings on your energy bills throughout the summer.

What should you expect during an AC check-up?

Not only will our technicians check to make sure your refrigerant levels are ideal, but they will also check all controls and electrical components, check and/or replace air filters, check thermostats, and much more. In all, those who choose to have a Care Temp technician come out to their homes to perform a check-up, should expect nothing less than a meticulous examination!

Here at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning, we do much more than provide furnace repairs in Toms River and air conditioning repair in Waretown—we are your go-to company for annual air conditioning or heating check-ups!

To schedule service, please dial 855-788-8376, or fill out a contact form on our site.

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