Why You Need to Clean Out Your Furnace Filter

While your house may be warm enough already, you won’t know how efficiently or safely it’s been heating your living space until your lungs or eyes start itching. Of course, we don’t think it ever needs to go that far before you call the best heating repair service in the Waretown or Toms River area—Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning.

What do we mean by the best?

It’s all about the pride in professionalism and caring about the quality of your service every step of the way. Care Temp, as we say, is a local company that cares about its neighbors as well as its customers. Therefore, we’re here to remind you that if you heat your home by a furnace, it has a filter that needs cleaning and replacing every month.

What’s in a filter, anyway?

Imagine that your furnace has lungs like yours but is super allergic to airborne dust, debris, and pollens. Logic goes—the more this junk accumulates, the dirtier your furnace becomes until it has ceased to be a shield for you against allergens, spores, and other forms of pests indoors.

Will you save money by replacing the filter?

Simply put, the cleaner your furnace filter, the more efficiently your unit works—saving you tremendously on your utility bill. You should even check filters once a month, especially when they’re being used the most. Disposing of the furnace filter is not all that difficult, provided you’ve given your heater a good look or two before. However, not all filters or heaters are exactly the same.

What types of filters do we replace?

Luckily for you, our technicians are versed in a whole range of furnace filters.
Though you and we have undoubtedly seen disposable air filters made from cardboard, there are filters that are fiberglass and metal framed ones, too. Our heating repair company near the Jackson area inspects and replaces filters.

If you’d like your filter changed or your entire heater inspected or replaced, know you can always call us here at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning!

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